After being treated with Myofascial-Release and studying Myofascial-Release (MFR) for the past five years, I have had a mission to deliver personalized, authentic, effective, compassionate hands-on care.  After sustaining an injury in the year 2008, I have the first-hand experience of what the adverse effects of pain and immobility on the body can have.  Everything I knew to try and do was not working and my pain and limitations were compounding daily.  Any results that I would gain with traditional therapy were not lasting greater than a few hours or even past the walk from the treatment table to my car.  The only remaining option was surgery and pain management, of which I found unacceptable! So my search for an alternative solution began and ultimately I found what I believe is the missing link in health care today, John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy (JFB-MFR)!  From the moment my JFB-MFR trained therapist laid his hands on me, I knew I found not only what my body was so desperately in need of but also I knew that this is what I needed professionally.  I was so moved by the immediate and profound results of Myofascial Release that it compelled me to study and train in depth, JFB-MFR.  I am now pain-free, have returned to all personal and professional activities without any limitations and I am simply loving life!

Our bodies are surrounded by an amazing web of connective tissue called Fascia.  Fascia is the only whole body system and connects to every single cell in the body.  When our bodies sustain an injury, it is the fascia that becomes affected and begins to tighten down and restrict the tissues it surrounds and is connected to.  Fascia can produce 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure on the body's structures like muscle and nerves and thereby cause pain and dysfunction.  Everyone's fascia is also as unique as their own fingerprint and each injury and it's resulting limitations are unique as well.  This is one of the basic principles of JFB-MFR, each treatment is tailored to the individual and as it is a whole body system, the whole person is treated.  As a trained John F. Barnes Myofascial Release therapist, I will treat you and your pain in this manner.  The second principle is find the pain and look elsewhere for additional causes and this is reflected in the treatments provided by a highly trained JFB-MFR practioner like myself.

I have been fortunate to receive my training directly from John F. Barnes himself with over 300+ hours and will continue to follow-up my training in the years to come.  The process of learning and refining one's skills should never stops so that I am always providing the most up to date techniques of MFR that provide results that are Personal, Therapeutic, and Authentic and lasting.  I will provide these skills and treatments in the comfort and privacy of your home.  No driving or waiting while in pain!  I have gained such amazing personal results with Myofascial Release and can help you also live pain-free and improve the quality of your life, you deserve to have fascial freedom, you are worth it! 
Dakota Mullins
After seeing the success of Randy’s work in relieving people of long term dysfunction and pain, I decided to take my first Myofascial seminar with John Barnes.  Since my first seminar my interest has grown into a passion for learning and applying the John Barnes MFR techniques.  The look in people’s eyes after they are relieve of pain and dysfunction makes me love this work!
“Dakota has an awesome healing touch than allow her to gently release fascial restrictions and allow the body to heal.” Randy Baker
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